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March 23, 2017
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June 2, 2017



It has been a hot topic since almost a decade, whether traditional or online marketing is the new in? What say? Well, honestly, let’s just say that both of them have got their own merits as well as demerits.

Traditional marketing is a proven technique with a guaranteed success rate as people already understands its long standing initiatives. Whereas, on the other hand, online/digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient methods that strikes the right chord with your intended audience.


So what does it imply in the end? That you’ve got to use both of them? NO, you’ve got to do what is essential and most effective for your business.

This in a nutshell means-

  • Choosing a cheaper medium
  • Taking up a strategy with better reach
  • Picking a platform that gives us almost direct, tangible response

Well, if you go by the online marketing techniques, your mission is surely going to be accomplished. However, it will be worth exploring, that how can conventional and online marketing methods combinedly work for your business.

As long as cost factor is concerned, online marketing wins the bet for sure. But don’t judge everything that quick. Getting something printed on a billboard or blocking some ad space in a newspaper can be a good way of attracting people.

Speaking of accessibility, almost every person carries a mobile set in pocket. It has given a huge platform for digital marketing to evolve. With the help of a mobile phone, your brand can reach to as many consumers as you want, irrespective of the fact where they are. However, it is extremely essential to find a right balance between both the mediums.

There are various digital branding companies in Delhi, NCR who are providing a number of online services to its clients.

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