April 7, 2017
July 14, 2017


Yesterday, during the lunch time I was at a nearby coffee shop. While sipping the brewed drink I was also swapping my news feed on my smartphone. I saw 3 girls (aged around 24, I suppose) entering the shop and taking the corner seat. One of the girls who also looked like the leader of the trio started the conversation by pulling a cosmetic like object and praised the qualities, one-by-one. The other two kept on listening her. At the end she said, “The next time we meet. You both should have one for yourselves.” After saying this she just applied some on her lips (That cosmetic thing was a lip-gloss) and then followed the wave of selfies.

I walked off the shop and was wandering the situation. You might be guessing now about what was the point of this whole short story? This is a daily affair nowadays? I will explain it you. What the girl did was just promoted a cosmetic brand and that too without anything in return, ahh! So nice of her. The term which we refer to is Word of Mouth. She just spread a word about the cosmetic brand and made 2 followers, and then she took selfies and I am sure will post them on social media where she will make some more followers of that product (I suppose.)

The term Word of Mouth is not new, it has stories dated back. People use to share their feelings, emotions, thoughts and even services and brands which they loved using. Today, in the Digital Marketing era these things have taken a leap. Now, any sharing tends to bring engagements and these engagements promote the brand on a wide spread network. Here you are not spending the money; your customer has done the thing for you. That’s the power of Word of Mouth. Specially, for new businesses where the scope of investing funds on marketing is limited.

Now, where does Social Media stands in this modern marketing aspect? Social Media plays a very significant and important role for “Word of Mouth” through the various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others where you promote your products to a wide spread audience who are active and you see things coming, those responses can be negative as well as positive. If negative, there is a space for improvement, if positive; there is a chance of rising. People who talk about your product can attract several others.

“Word of mouth is a very important aspect for any business and its effect cannot be denied.”

It is a soul for them today. No business can resist without Word of Mouth. This all depends on the quality of the product & what you offer.

As a company your job centralizes towards the online responses and favors your product gets. You have to monitor those conversations and act accordingly. (Difficult to find all) There are various blogs, communities and forums focusing on people’s specific taste and their love for specific brands or products.

The consumers who share or recommend your product are the unsung heroes as you can’t reward them or thank them. It is very difficult to keep track of the sales your product gained by the reference of one person. I remember one instance where a friend of mine bought a new smartphone and he loved it so much that he recommended it to his friends, relatives & colleagues. What happened next was a storm and 10 of the pieces of the same smartphone were purchased by those people whom my friend recommended. That’s the power of Word of Mouth. He was definitely the unsung hero for that particular company.

Here are few quotes from biggies of the industry and what they have to say about the power of Word of Mouth:

92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product.

– Paul M. Rand, Zócalo Group President and CEO.

Mr. Rand sums up all in his quote. This is the power WoM, your product gets advertised without you involving in it.

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

David J. Greer, entrepreneur, author.

Mr. Greer clearly talks about the impact of WoM and its reach.


Some fine examples for Word of Mouth which gave this particular brands a boost and a major following in this Digital Marketing:

Paper Boat advertisements

If you have seen their ads, what they do is pull an emotional topic and create and advertisement around it. They extensively work on the content and graphics. People get involved with the content and they start sharing it. The more shares, the more Paper Boat gets recognition as a brand. I remember when I saw the whole video and the next day bought a Paper Boat drink!

Latest Movie Release

Last week Irffan Khan Starrer “Hindi Medium” was released alongside Arjun Kapoor starrer “Half Girlfriend”. Both the movies were rich in star value but WOM did wonders for Hindi Medium as people hailed the content and performances of the lead on social media which made many more to go and watch the movie whereas critics as well as audiences panned Half Girlfriend.

New Series in town (Game of thrones)

The new season of GoT is round the corner and has made a buzz already thanks to all those fan theories, groups and communities doing the rounds. GoT had great content surely but WoM from its fans increased their viewer base.

How you can make Word of Mouth work for you?

  1. Create a buzz around your product.

  2. Add some viral element.

  3. Crack a perfect chord between Emotions, Humor and reality.

  4. Reap the fruits.

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