September 9, 2016
November 16, 2016


In today’s unpredictable changing world of competition, the first step to success is exposure. You need to get noticed to stay and survive in the market. That is why nowadays almost every business has their own e-commerce websites. Although, it’s not an enough dose to satisfy promotional needs of a business.  A good SEO strategy is the only soul of a successful e-commerce website. Nowadays, many Ecommerce Websites Development Company In Delhi are working on some very effective strategies, to give a high rise to their clients.


Here are few suggestions to strengthen SEO strategy for your e-commerce website.

1. Regular Site Maintenance – A site showing countless errors is a guarantee of failure. Before it spoils your reputation and business, wake up and make a habit to regularly check and keep your website free from all technical errors. The saying ‘First impression is the last impression” applies for e-commerce websites too as once the visitor experiences technical hurdles in a website, he may never visit it again. And this will certainly bring you a stock of problems.


2. The Internal Linking Structure – If your customer is able to reach the product or put an order in few clicks, then you are certainly working on a right SEO strategy. Keeping less number of internal links is good for your business and customers as well. For a perfect internal linking technique, the only key is to relate the links with only related and relevant pages in your domain. Irrelevant pages will only make the process lengthy leading to chances of losing a customer due to time- consuming process.

3. Put Appropriate Alt Text – An Alt Text is used to describe an image through words or keywords. For an effective SEO strategy, Alt Text optimization is necessary. This text helps search engines to show the image in the result of search by users. In usual mistakes, people fill the alt text with numerous keywords or else they do not write sufficient information about the image. Your Alt text should be able to explain the image in very simple words. For e.g. – If you sell mobile parts and have posted an image of a mobile battery then writing the word ‘battery’, would not be an appropriate alt text as a battery is used in every machine and mobiles. You need to put a text which should include the name of the mobile model for which it is made, besides it temperature characteristics, durability, safety measures etc. Instead of stuffing keywords unnecessarily, put the right and most relevant keyword as Alt Text.

4. Never Use Same Keywords –Using same keywords for all your products means you are foolishly competing with yourself. All categories of your products should have different keywords. You may think that more a keyword appears on your site, more will be the chances to gain a higher rank in search engines. But, it is nothing more than a misconception. In fact, you are creating duplicate content which can badly affect your ranking on search pages.

5. Create Linkable Assets – All product pages have almost the same content. For an effective SEO strategy create two to three pages that are content driven and will have a variety of content. For e.g. – In the above-mentioned example of a mobile battery, you can create a page with a tutorial about how to increase the life of a mobile battery whereas in another page you can put FAQ’s. Last but not the least, creating a blog will be awesome as here; one can always find new content. These pages can become effective linkable assets of your domain which you can refer to external links. You can even start working on additional SEO strategies such as social shares and link building.

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