December 30, 2016
April 7, 2017


Content is always considered as a vital element of digital marketing as it helps marketers to make their product or services visible to the user and enables them to attract more traffic towards the website.  In this trade there are many SEO companies in India working day & night to optimize the content on Google ranking. When talking about Blogs, it is not sufficient to make an effort on content but also one need to make sure that their blog page is optimized for Google search result.

Here are some quick and interesting tips that can make the blog content more SEO friendly:

  • Informative & Quality Content

Before writing any blog, one should thoroughly make researches on the relevant topic and must write informative content for their website. In addition, it is very crucial to maintain the quality of the content. To capture all these qualities in your content, one should think from the user point of view that what they actually want to read.


  • Length Matters

While writing any blog or article for SEO one should also consider the word limit as it is always good to write a long form article. However, some people has the misconception that lengthy blogs and article are less interesting and people easy lose their interest while reading such lengthy content. According to experts, the long form data not only attracts more users but contributes well towards the ranking in Google. So just start writing long articles and see the tremendous result.


  • Give Interesting Title

There are the things that are totally depending on the headline of your blog and it gives a user a first impression about the information present on the blog. It enables a reader to determine the relevancy of your content, for this you can include a keyword within the title.


  • Incorporate Keywords

However writing a blog is more than just including the keywords in the blog, even adding numerous keywords in the blog can hinder the SEO. Therefore, it is good to include three or four keywords in any blog post.


  • Write Effective Meta-Titles and Description

Meta title describes what is actually written on the page. Whenever people search for a topic in Google, the description of your content also shows up, therefore it is very important to write an effective Meta title that includes keyword in it. The entire description should not be more than 156 characters.


  • Use Better Image

It is very important for marketers to grab the attention of users towards their blog or article, for making it more interesting; one should include good images that are relevant to the written content. However, Google does not give any importance to images but it gives priority to the images with Alt text as a search engine can read Alt text, which makes images to be displayed in the search. In addition, one should add keywords in Alt text.


  • URL is Crucial

It is very important to optimize your URL which also an important SEO technique. Search engine always looks to the URL to find what your post is about. Here are some important points that you can take care while creating the URL:

  1. Must add keywords in the URL

  2. Always add hyphens

  3. Ignore capital letters in URL as it is case sensitive

  4. Add mobile URL to sitemaps


  • Ensure the Loading Speed & Make It Mobile Friendly

Whenever your website or webpage takes time to load, the users start losing their interest as they don’t like to wait. The speed of your page is extremely important for getting the more attention from users, therefore it is always recommended to improve speed of your website. In addition, today most of the people access everything with their mobile so it is important to create mobile friendly websites.



In digital marketing, we always hear the same thing “content is king”, which is also true as it represents everything therefore, quality matters. However, it is not enough to make your efforts only content, one should make sure that their content is optimized well for search engine result. For making your blog content fully optimized one should take care of certain points as mentioned above.

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