July 19, 2016
August 10, 2016


The innumerable benefits of online media have made it an effective tool for promotion and marketing. As compared to traditional media, its low price and vast reach have opened the doors of miscellaneous opportunities for promoting products and services in a remarkably effective way. Let’s see how.

  1. Cost – effective – One of the major concern in marketing is cost. Online marketing is definitely cost-effective than traditional ways of marketing. Having an internet connection is enough to reach the prospects and existing clients effectively, at very low cost. Online marketing can easily and efficaciously replace exorbitant ways of traditional marketing like – television, radio, newspaper and yellow pages.

  2. Measurable results – Online marketing campaigns are successful than the traditional ways as one can easily measure the effectiveness through various parameters like – number of Clicks, Visits on website, Sign up rate , Online purchases , number of orders etc.

  3. Wider reach – With a fraction of seconds one can reach a huge group of people on the national and international level. You can become one of the players of the global market as online presence will gather attention and will get you noticed. You can never expect such vast reach in traditional marketing.

  4. Refinement of strategy – With the help of measurable results, one can easily estimate the effectiveness of ad campaigns and strategies can be tailored accordingly. It saves time, and things can be taken in a right direction. This flexibility of online media has given a freedom to work on the most effective tool for promotional campaigns.

  5. Immediate results – Through online media one can get immediate responses on promotional activities. It gives speed to the process of planning and implementation, inspiring suitable decisions for desired growth of business.

  6. Personalized approach – By gaining a better understanding of consumer behavior a suitable personalized approach can be applied. Through a scrutinized study of buying preferences, most searched keywords, number of clicks, most viewed videos etc. one can easily identify the inclination of customers and effective techniques can be used for marketing to maximize the sale.

  7. Helps build better relationships – Real-time interaction is the biggest power of online media. It creates a bond of trust between customer and seller. Things like live chat and call back request, connects the two ends efficaciously and give the client a reason to trust the seller.

  8. Equal opportunity for all – Online media works on a very democratic approach. Whether you are an established brand or a start-up company, online media gives equal opportunities to all to mark their presence by using suitable methods.

  9. Available 24×7 – 365 days, round the clock!! Get anything at any time. Online media break the boundaries of time. You can connect to your customers at any time of day or night. If you are running a business of tourist Cab service, you can get a booking or an inquiry call after eleven at night or may be at four in the morning. Many People do online buying in late hours. In fact, if you have put your advertisement or link on a right page or right location you can surely expect late night visitors to your websites.

  10. Greater Engagement – As compared to traditional ways of promotion, online media is quite engaging. It’s the fastest way to get customer feedback and also to respond to their requirements. Both are compulsory conditions for a better engagement. Besides, Social media links play an exceptionally important role for achieving a higher engagement of customers. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools to stir the emotions of people. A breathtakingly beautiful image on Facebook, a precise and informative info graphic on twitter or a new Pinterest board can really make people think about you. Links like Rate us, Buy online, know more, Visit our website, inspire people to act which create leads for further use.

  11. Easy Market Research – Market research can be done very easily through online media. Bulk emails, social media pages, website etc. can be used to know the mood of the market and plan a full proof strategy to earn more profit. This can’t be done successfully through traditional forms of media like Newspaper, T.V, Radio, Directories. In fact, these traditional mediums are using online media to enhance their own reach.

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