November 16, 2016
March 23, 2017


It is the soul of your business, it makes your identity in an already crowded place over-flooded with countless competitors, It earns attention for you.

Yes, it’s online marketing, the backbone of promotional activities of the commercial world.  But unfortunately, this backbone has some dangerous cracks of myths. Anyone who is planning or doing any online promotional activity should know about these myths so that misinterpretations can be cleared and best results can be achieved. Before you pick an Online Marketing Company Delhi you should know about these myths.

More Traffic Means More Business

Calling it ‘terrific traffic myth’ will be more appropriate. People think that getting more traffic on the website will bring more sales. And this is what gives chance to corrupt digital marketing companies grab the big amounts of money from you. Actually, bots and software programs can bring a stock of fake traffic on your website leaving you in a web of confusion and uncertainty that why even after getting the huge traffic you are not getting a good business.

So, getting a big traffic is not enough. It’s like gathering junk. Try to achieve potentiality by attracting quality traffic. After all, getting promising visitors is the main aim of online activities.


Google is the only place to promote

Certainly, Decidedly, Undoubtedly, Google is an irreplaceable thing in the world of online marketing but you need to understand that this is not the only place under the sky where you can show your online existence. But you cannot underestimate other online platforms. Bing. Facebook and other social media services are great platforms and have their own search engines.

So, when you choose a digital marketing company, make sure they have a good grip on all aspects of SEO and not just Google.

The company should exist on every social media

Yes, it’s true that social media is the most colorful word in internet marketing sphere. It gives you an opportunity to reach your target customers in the most impressive way. This makes companies make countless accounts on countless social media places.

Here is the biggest loophole. Instead, find those social media platforms which are accessed by most of your target customers. If your prospects do not use a particular social media then why would you pour your energy & time on that place??

No one likes to read e-mails from companies. It’s all spam.

NO! NO! NO! It’s a real BIG myth. Your email will become spam if you will make it spam. Instead of sending a flood of self-appreciating or irritatingly made promotional emails that start from exaggerations like ‘hurrrray’, ‘yeppeeeee’, ‘yayyy’ ‘grab it now’ and the big capital letters that read LIMITED OFFER, send them something they really care for. Make your content engaging with a touch of personal approach. Giving them something valuable will help you get a space in their memory, bringing the gift of conversion later.

It’s too crowded now. Get found on the internet is not possible anymore. Google has made it too complex.

Are you serious?? Who told you this?? Yes definitely the competition has become tough, but at the same time google (due to the need of time) is changing its algorithms which are actually not a threat but help to your business.

It has made SEO easier because with every changing algorithm Google gives users the opportunity to get exactly the content they are looking for. Are you getting what does it mean? Yes!! by just filling your website with quality content, you can really expect big things!! So, if you know what your target crowd is searching for, put that in your content and apply some simple SEO techniques, and people will find you. It’s a time-consuming process but worthwhile.

Keeping the above-mentioned things in mind will help you stay away from unnecessary, time-wasting online activities. After all, time is money and money is not free.

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