October 28, 2017
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November 10, 2017


With so many emerging technologies and platforms ready to be optimized for your brand, digital marketing has turned out be a very important strategy for any business to think upon. Every year, in fact every day brings new challenges, innovations and trends for us. When talking in pretext to the digital marketing world, there are hell lot of possibilities and room for improvements.

The last few years have seen various marketing trends going successful & viral. Brands have witnessed massive reach thanks to the innovative and new ideas put in by the digital marketers who are scratching heads and brainstorming rigorously to find better ways to give you the top position.

As a result various surveys, polls show data related to companies who have said that their digital marketing strategies have done wonders for their business, and the numbers seem to increase day-by-day.

The reason for this being; Better quality content, Strategy development, more time spent on digital marketing, and better audience targeting.

Today we will have a look at the upcoming trends an entrepreneur should look out for in 2018.


  1. Not just content, but effective and targeted one.

Users lay back but that doesn’t means you have the luxury of time. You have to be quick and presentable. Content has to be more than blog or blog strategies. It should be more engaging and effective and not only the words but how are you presenting it that also matters.

For ex: Your content team will need to expand their interest, adapt for the next year and should include people who have talent in:

  • Storytelling, Video production. Editing

  • Graphic design. Illustrations.

  • Audio/Visual Production skills.

  • Content optimization across multiple formats

  • Content distribution & Promotion in an effective and engaging manner.

  • Developing & strategizing effective campaigns and executing them.

  • Focusing more on user interface, brand reliability, customer support compared to sales.

  • Analytics, metrics, and reporting.


  1. Chat Bots and Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a term given to a program or system that lets the computer performs tasks which would require intelligence when done by humans. AI has been proven to be a reality and rumors, myths related to its existence seems to be done and dusted.

In technical terms chat bots also known as talk bot also known as chatter bot, also known as IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity is a computer program which conducts conversations through auditory or textual methods, and they are designed in a way to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.  Reports suggest that in the coming years more than 75% developers will go for the AI functionality.

Similarly chat bots are turning heads here, and there taking the market by storm in 2018, mark my words. They are intuitive, and equipped with the ability to improve from continual learning algorithms and serve you the best. By meeting the demands of the fast-paced, digital realm we live they have just been a revelation.

  1. Bring your content in varied ways

Not only blogging or social media posts but retargeting your user through various ways will attract there attention and make your brand more loyal. In 2018 look for these proven ways to engage your audience:

  • Social media posts, Blogs and articles, Email marketing, landing pages are normal but expanding your wings to other areas will benefit you in the long run.

  • Engaging info graphics.

  • Live Feeds.

  • Snap chat, Instagram, Facebook stories.

  • E-books.

  • Campaigns focused on relationship building.

  • Not sales driven but user engaging.

  • Content-driven sales messages and materials.

  • Podcasts (My personal favorite.)



  1. Machine learning

Marketers feel the future will mix the clever human with machine learning and present us with an automata avatar to ease our searches and navigate our ways to find our desired results.

This will give the user great experience while navigating its searches with quick responses as people have become more demanding and tech savvy. Machine learning has made an impact in healthcare department; PayPal used the predictive technology to fight against money laundering.

Every day examples of machine learning are;

  1. UBER, OLA, LYFT’s Map Tracking Systems

  2. AI Autopilots used in Commercial Flights and Tesla Cars (On Testing)

  3. (Have you wondered how smart replies are already there when you receive an email in your Gmail account? Gmail even filters 99.9% spam emails, automatically.)

  4. Healthcare Department.

  5. Facebook which uses AI to identify your friends in a photo.

And there are many more examples.

 In the coming years Machine Learning backing on the automated data provided it will take grow further in content management and analysis.



  1. Video Advertising

The demand for Video is growing at a rapid scale. After Facebook’s Video segment growing viral, Twitter has rolled up a new feature focusing on video. Short videos below 30-Seconds or 1-Minute are a HIT.

They bring on huge engagements and following. Brands demand for illustrated, info graphical and educational videos more than anything else. Marketing professionals have felt that videos brought great ROI.

After Facebook embarked on a 6-Second Video Format, YouTube too started a campaign by challenging creative & film-makers to craft 6-Second videos using ample amount of humor, simplicity and relatable themes.

Brands need to optimize the power of video-based advertising across all channels to grab the attention of their target audience.



  1. Personalization


Everyone wants attention and when it comes to customers, ohh their expectations are way-way higher than anyone else.

Customers’ expectations from Brands never end and you will always fall short to meet there demand. But that’s the trick if you do it and well-manner then you have their support.

For example take Lenskart, what are doing is providing you a feature called “TRY IN 3D” and “HOME TRIAL” in the former you can try there frames in a virtual way by visiting there website and check out which one suits you the best in the “HOME TRIAL” one, Lenskart will send their representative at your home with their best 100-Frames so you can have a check at your home. Interesting isn’t it? This gives the customer the luxury to choose upon.


This personalization is a big step in giving your services.

In 2018, brand needs to be more attentive and show an approach to find better ways of personalization to their customers. All of these tactics go a long way in providing an un-matched customer experience and promoting your brand’s loyalty.

While these trends can help your brand rise you should not shy away from doing your share of research to analyze and check whether this works for your digital marketing strategy or not. The face of digital marketing is changing constantly and while looking into the future one may be sure that it will present more opportunities than ever for brands and businesses.

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