August 13, 2016
September 1, 2016


The Success of an e-commerce portal depends on its reach to customers. And reach depends on accurate promotional efforts in right directions. Nowadays, almost everything can be delivered at your doorstep and credit goes to e-commerce portals. But due to increasing competition, these portals have to struggle hard to get noticed by customers. That’s why many Ecommerce Portals Designing Company in Delhi are working on most effective and appealing designs to keep their clients look different from rest of the crowd.  But only an appealing design can’t guarantee a good share in an ever-changing market. Insufficient customer traffic and inadequate sales conversion are one of the biggest issues for e-commerce portal owners.  

Search Engine optimization is the best solution to get profits in an e-commerce business. A suitable SEO strategy can turn the wave in your favor. Following are some effective ways to make a full-proof SEO strategy for an e-commerce portal.


1. Carefully choose your keywords – Choosing suitable keywords is the most important aspect of a successful SEO strategy. Instead of using a stock of keywords, go for perfectly suitable keywords. Use Google Keyword Planner to know about the most used and relevant hits. Bing Keyword Research Tools can also be a good option to find a list of appropriate keywords.

2. Track through Google Analytics – Install Google analytics to keep an accurate record of customer traffic on your portal. It will help you to fill the loopholes and make an effective marketing strategy. By knowing about the daily visit, bounce rate and traffic origin you will be able to know track mood and taste of your customers.

3. Write a reliable Content – Whatever content you post, it should be authentic and free from exaggeration. It takes no time to lose a customer when he comes to know that quality and features of the product do not match from what is mentioned in its description. So, be honest and post informative content only. Sometimes playing with the words is good as it makes the content beautiful but to give false promises is certainly wrong.

4. Give social media links – Giving social media links on the portal will surely increase the count of likes and shares and a free promotion too. Besides, it’s an effective medium to stay connected with existing and prospective customers. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram, hit as many social platforms as you can.

5. Make Unique Product Descriptions – Always create your own description of products. Never copy-paste the content provided by the manufacturer as it can get you filtered out on search engines for plagiarism.

6. Understand User Search Criteria to optimize a product page – To promote a product page, research for the most relevant words that customers might use to search a particular product. Use those words in your portal, product description, page and headline. It will surprisingly help you gain more traffic and improved conversion of sales.

7. Use relevant URLs – An ideal URL gives an exact idea of the content it consists. Don’t be too creative and make a simple and keyword-friendly URL. It will help to get a higher rank of your portal on search engines.

8. Keep an Eye on Competitors – Keep a tab of SEO strategies of your competitors. An eye on their promotional schemes will help you get a better understanding of their weaknesses and your strengths. Keep an eye on their online promotional activities and change your game plan accordingly.

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