September 1, 2016
September 15, 2016


The Importance of e-commerce is unquestionable. From government to various small and big traders, e-commerce has become a lifeline for any kind of national and international transaction. Being capital of country Delhi has its own history of e-commerce and business of E-commerce Websites Development Company in Delhi is growing day and night. Here we will know about the interesting journey of e-commerce in India from its inception to today’s advancements in e-commerce.


1991 – Introduction of E-Commerce

This was the time when commercial use of internet started gaining popularity on an international level. India was also in the list of countries which got influenced by this new wave of change. Although implementation was not going at a fast pace but at least people started thinking about this amazing and extremely useful thing.


2002 – IRCTC started online ticket booking

This was the first interaction of India with E-commerce. IRCTC gave facility to book the tickets online which gave solutions to many problems. No long queues, no burden on ticket bookers, no wastage of time and much more. It was really a miraculous thing for everyone.  Everything was so easy now. Whether it is about the availability of trains or tickets (Tatkal and normal) one could easily know about the latest status in few clicks and people. Most importantly it gave freedom from uncertainty as now one could easily check the status of the ticket.


2003 – Now it was the turn of Airline companies

After the surprising success of online ticket booking in IRCTC, the same system was also followed by some airlines such as – Spicejet, Indian Airlines and Air Deccan. The result was as expected. Web booking for air travel saved a big amount of people’s money which they used to waste on agents. And today, online booking has taken an advanced form of hotel booking, bus booking through websites like Yatra and Makemytrip.


2007 –   Here comes the online shopping

With increasing popularity on E-commerce in India, many online shopping portals started hunting treasure of opportunities in the Indian market and portals like Flipkart, Amazon, jumped in a serious competition with their numerous discount schemes.


The Present-Day Scenario

Today E-Commerce has become a huge thing and trends of online shopping have been changed. Earlier online shopping was limited to just placing an order and giving cash on delivery. But now online portals have added many new things to facilitate day to day shopping of customers. Various shopping portals have given choices to customers. Easy payment methods like PayPal, or cash on delivery save a lot of time. Besides return and refund policies makes people feel secure as they know they can return the product or replace it without any loss. Various schemes on discounts, coupons, lucky draws etc. are other hits to attract the customer.


Key factors which helped the growth of e-commerce in India.

  • The Increase in the broadband internet with high-speed 3G and 4G connections.

  • Improving Living Standards.

  • Availability of a vast range of products.

  • Busy lifestyle leaves no time for offline shopping.

  • Evolution and development of new online outlets like eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.


Social Media Is Creating A Buzz

Social media has become a convenient and effective way to approach existing and prospective clients. It has become easy for the shopper to log in and purchase through their social media accounts. Besides, the seller can update the buyer about latest lots of products, newly launched products, discount schemes, return policies, color varieties and much more.


Mobile Commerce

It has brought a tremendous rise in e-commerce as now more than half of the traffic on online shopping portals is coming through mobiles. After all, it is the most convenient way of shopping. That is why e-commerce firms have started focusing on mobile commerce. They are concerned about how their portals look on mobile? They are doing everything to make their portals mobile friendly.


Online Grocery Stores

Big Basket, Kiranawala, Dilli Grocery, Nature Basket, Green Cart, Zop Now are some of the names of online grocery stores which are gaining big profits because of improving e-commerce status in India. These online stores offer discounted products with free home delivery at your doorstep. Every online store has their own facilities to offer such as 90 minutes delivery or giving a room freshener free if total purchase exceeds Rs. 2000 etc.


Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison websites have given another benefit to consumers to compare products on the basis of price.  Here they can get a complete knowledge of minimum and maximum market rates of a product or service.,, ShopMania, Mysmartprice are few examples of price comparison sites which are doing great in serving people with authentic information and updates.


Actually, the growth of e-commerce is a never ending thing as e-commerce arena will always see innovations and new developments. It will surely prove a strong pillar of a successful Indian economy.  

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