July 6, 2016
July 8, 2016


E-commerce – The platform to get all your transaction related jobs done has become a necessary part of every business. With an increasing number of businesses entering in the online market, e-commerce has become vital as another side of a coin. Due to its incalculable benefits India is also adopting the culture of e-commerce and although gradually but many retailers are entering the world of online market.  For these new players, the prime requirement is to have a multifaceted e -commerce website. Through online search, you can get innumerable options to choose the best E-Commerce Portals Designing Company in India. This piece of writing is an effort to get a better understanding of versatile nature of e-commerce for the retailers who are new to the e-commerce world.

E-commerce draws on various technologies like internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, inventory management systems, online transaction processing, supply chain management, automated data selection systems and electronic data interchange. Although, world-wide-web is typically used in present e- commerce trend. Besides, e-mail is also used as other technologies.

Benefits of E-Commerce

Make things convenient and easy

It’s a convenient way to sell and buy products and services at any time of day or night. 24×7 buyers and sellers are connected through e-commerce bridges. So, it’s beneficial for beneficial for buyers and sellers both.

Offer Product Details

Availability of complete description of products and services gives the customer an opportunity to compare between various products and make a smart decision. The presence of details and images of products creates a bond of trust between the seller and buyer.

A perfect tool to keep an eye on consumer’s behavior

Retailers can get an idea of buying behavior of consumers. Through this, they can alter their offer and discount schemes to match the requirements of customers. A satisfied customer is a key for big profits.

Quicker Delivery of Products – E-commerce gives you freedom from stressful experience of carrying heavy shopping bags, as things are delivered at your door-step.

The Benefit to society – It helps the government in delivering public services like education, social services, health care etc. at low expenses.

Simplification of the business process – E-commerce makes a business process simple and faster. Things can be done in a more efficient way through e-commerce.

The E-Commerce Spectrum

The following type of transactions or activities can be included in e-commerce

  • Business to business buying or selling
  • Online shopping
  • E-mail marketing to prospective and established customers.
  • Collection and use of demographic data through social media and web contacts.
  • Online financial transactions
  • The Launch of new products and services.
  • Business-to-business buying selling transactions.
  • Electronic transfer of funds.
  • Internet marketing
  • Online banking
  • Electronic tickets
  • Group buying
  • Payment systems ( Domestic & International)

Must have features of an E-Commerce site

If you have just entered the world of e-commerce, you should have a better understanding of features of a good e-commerce site.

  • Search Box– Your site should have a search box where visitors can do a quick search for the desired product.
  • Product Zoom – This feature helps the customer to get a better understanding of the product by viewing minute details of your product.
  • Categories– Clearly categorize your product to make things convenient for the customer. Choose an easy to access location to display the categories. Example –On top or on side columns.
  • Customer login and registration will make your site convenient for customers as when they come to your site again they don’t have to fill their billing and payment details again and again.
  • Creative graphics – Make a smart and good use of graphics to attract the attention of customers. Display your offers and discount schemes through eye-catching graphic presentations.
  • Delivery details – Always give clear information about the procedure of delivery of products. This will allow the customers get an idea about the time of delivery.

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