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August 10, 2016
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August 25, 2016

Don’ts Of Online Marketing


We always talk about the tactics and do’s of a successful online marketing.  In greed of getting rapid profits, we even indulge in some wrong practices of internet marketing. But this may lead to severe penalties and banishment.  If you are looking for a genuine digital marketing company be alert. Search for online marketing company Delhi will bring you the best options of online marketing companies.

Now let’s focus on some major don’ts of online marketing

1. Never use Black hat SEO Techniques. It’s immoral, comes under cyber-crime and call for serious penalties and strict actions like banishment.

2. Do not publish your website before completion.  A website with incomplete information will spoil your image and people will start taking you for granted and won’t return even after completion of the website as the first impression is the last impression.

3. Websites with a compulsion of user registration before providing information are not very successful. It makes things complicated and time-consuming and diverts the visitors towards other options. After all, you are not the only player in the game.  

4. It’s not smart to send long e-mail messages. Keep the content crisp and catchy. Instead of paragraphs, write key points with small vector graphics and bright images will definitely bring you in users notice.

5. Avoid loud colors in advertisements. Keep it sophisticated and informative.

6. Don’t make an advertisement overcomplicated.  Multiple links, long-winded messages, hard to read small print text will irritate the viewer nullifying the impact of an ad campaign.

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