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February 8, 2016
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February 22, 2016

Design your Websites in 2016 as per Google Updates

The life and death of blogs and websites depends on their rankings on search engines. The content and sites are properly optimized in order to keep up the rankings. Every time Google updates its algorithm, major changes happen which lead to the change in strategies. To match up the algorithm, you need to buck up and be ready for everything.

It ain’t as horrible as it sounds. All it takes is the understanding the algorithm and preparing the strategies and execute them before, during and after the updates. I’ll help you understand what Google has done in 2016 and what they’re doing so that you never caught off guard again.

100% Unique ContentDon’t copy the content of the blog or website. Try to stay original as much as you can!

Fast Page Load A website as slow as molasses is a pain for the user. The slow loading sites don’t get higher ranking as they decrease the quality of the user experience.

Social Media MarketingHaving a presence on the social media plays an important part in the overall website ranking as it helps to drive traffic to the site.

Avoid Overstuffing  Of ContentWith the panda, Google has been looking out for natural content. Try to use the natural content and avoid using meta tags and keywords in everything.

High Quality Source LinkingRedirect your customers to only those places where they don’t have to suffer from the confusing material.

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After the roll out of the updates, try to settle things back into a normal rhythm with small changes as per the requirements. Keep an eye on the further updates and brace yourselves for the upcoming changes!

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