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February 5, 2016
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Creative Ideas to Celebrate Valentine

Valentine is coming and most of you must be looking forward to Feb 14 as a day to celebrate your love. Normally, Valentine’s Day is a celebration between two people who are dating, or in a relationship, but technically you can let the whole world know how special someone is for you. If it’s the beginning of a love story, then the celebration must be unique.

If you are going to declare your love for someone, surprise them by asking them out or just  remind them how they are always on your mind. The flowers are gorgeous and chocolates are yummy, but enough of them now. We have got some creative ideas for you to try this Valentine’s Day with the help of digital media, which has become an invincible part of our life. Let’s roll on to how to create some magic for your special someone this valentine.

Love Declaration Cover- A face to face love declaration may be easy for some of you, but not for everyone. Moreover, if you really want to make it special for “that” person and announce it to the world as well, we have got a way that can make everyone take notice. Share it via your social network covers with the person’s name. It might be a little risky, but can certainly do wonders.

Social media love poems- It’s a bit tricky, but still worth the effort. You can write a string of love poems or thoughts for your love and put it on all of the social networks you both are on. To level it up even more, you can schedule them so that the storyline can be followed.

Be a screen invader- It’s not like you are in a war or something. But as we think if the things are getting serious, you can have access to their phone or tablet. If yes, you can change their lock screen view to surprise them or put a love note there, a picture of you, or a ring depending upon the intensity of the relation. That could be a bit of a rush, but I hope you have got the idea.

The QR Code surprise- QR codes are a great tool to hide and execute your planned surprise. You can put designs or texts on QR Codes or use any image for that purpose. Make your valentine a treasure hunt for your special one. We all love surprises and there is nothing better than a well executed surprise.

The Playlist message- There are just a few people who don’t like music. So, if your partner isn’t one of them, you can hide your messages in their playlist by arranging the song titles to spell out a message or just place a completely unexpected message for that person and name it a song title.

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I hope these ideas work for you on Valentine’s Day and your love stays with you forever!

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