September 15, 2016
December 30, 2016


Pay per click is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic on your website and PPC Services in Delhi. But there are some mistakes which can spoil your PPC campaign leaving you with a big loss of money and time. Let’s take a look –

1. Sending Visitors To Contact Page – It is an absolutely WRONG practice. Greed of getting data for lead generation makes people use this trick. When someone clicks on the advertisement it lands the visitor on the contact page of a website. Here he/she may be asked to fill some form or send a query by filling in the details. It can frustrate the visitor and can discourage him to buy anything from your site. Besides, it is also against the PPC platform guidelines.

2. Sending Visitors To Home Page – Many time PPC campaigns are run to increase the sale of a particular product but the link brings them on the home page of the website. Now the visitor has to do efforts for finding that particular product or page on your website, which is a time consuming thing and he/she may lose interest in searching further for the product. This is the point where you lose one precious chance to sell your product. So, instead of this, post a link which directly takes the visitor to the product page. It will encourage the visitor to buy the product and the time he was wasting in searching the product will be utilized in getting more familiar from the product.

3. Relying on Broad match keyword ads – Broad match keywords are those which display when someone searches for all or part of a keyword. This may bring big traffic to your website but not the relevant one. For example – you sell Laptop and your target keyword phrase is Buy Windows 10 Laptop. Your ad will appear as a result of any kind of research related to laptops such as – How to increase the battery of your Laptop, How to install Windows 10, Tips to buy a Laptop. 

No doubt all these search queries partly matches the words of your keyword but are they relevant? Certainly not! Until unless someone doesn’t search for the exact keyword which you have set for your product you will not get the relevant traffic on your site. So, here the concern should be relevancy and not just big quantity of traffic.


4. Avoiding Geo-targeting – Your product may have a worldwide sale, but a feel of proximity always inspires people to act. Go for geo—targeting. Search engines including Google give you the liberty of geo-targeting of your PPC ad campaigns. Mention the name of districts and states in your ads, and you will get amazing results. People are always interested in a company which knows their state. It will earn your more clicks through rates.

5. No Relevance with Landing Page – When you say something in your PPC ad, it should be seen on your landing page too. A promise of 50% discount can inspire the visitor click on the posted link, which will drive them to your landing page. But if they don’t see anything related to the promised discount deals or if they feel that the discount deal was just a trick, they immediately quit carrying a bad image in their minds. So, be genuine and whatever you mention in your ads should mirror your commitment and honesty.

Make a note of these points in your mind so that next time when you plan for a PPC campaign you can save your time and money expecting better results.

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