November 11, 2017
November 14, 2017



Everyone gets tons of emails in their inbox on a daily basis. The emails range from different subject for say, Promotions, Deals, Offers, Coupons etcetera. People open, delete, and swap the notifications depending on their mood, their interest and the flavor of the email.


What’s your first thought when you receive an email newsletter from a company?


  • It’s good.

  • Oh no, just another email.

  • I am going to unsubscribe to this shit.

  • Ah! The deal looks amazing.

  • I want to click on the offers.

  • What? A discount? I will surely go for this.

And much more other reactions are there from people who while traveling, working in an office, watching TV at home receive email newsletters. From a company’s point of view, your newsletter is the reflection of your company. The colors, graphics representation, products, deals etc display your company in the newsletter.


Stats say that the average open rate of a newsletter is close to 24/100 and that too if your email has followed all the checklists necessary.


In today’s blog we will list those pointers which you should keep in mind before shooting a newsletter;


Have a go through;

Short and Quirky subject line (55 words max.)

Your email subject line is the first thing which grabs the attention of a user and makes them to click. It should be enough to generate Urgency, Curiosity, it should be personalized and have a story.

Few Examples of “Short and Quirky Subject Lines” are:


Curiosity generator subject lines:

  • A Surprise gift you.

  • Don’t open this mail.

  • 10 things to help you grow your business.

  • Last day to see what the latest deals are for you.


Humor generator subject lines:

  • Deals to make you proud.

  • A beach vacation is awaiting you.

  • Free Beer Flowing Here.

  • Marketing is no place for JERKS. Don’t be a JERK.


Fashion products email subject lines:

  • Yesteryear styles belong to yesteryear.

  • This workout pants can make your butt look FAB.

  • Don’t miss these age-defying beauty products.

  • Priyanka Chopra wore this.


Greed generator email subject lines:

  • 30% OFF on your first purchase.

  • 25%+25% OFF. Only For Today.

  • Make the most of the Festive Day.

  • It’s Raining Discounts. Don’t take off the Umbrella.


There are much more to choose upon, it depends on your product and services.

Effective CTA (Call to Action) placements

CTA’s are very important for any newsletters and their best placements can drive users to click on it. You should integrate your email, Social Media platforms, Subscription list, Contact Number in the newsletter so that the user can have direct access to your product or services and can contact you for the same.



Everyone wants attention, especially the customer. They want themselves to be treated like an important personality and companies too should have a special kind of respect & preferences for the customers. If you start your email for say, “Hey, Mr. Rajeev your first-month subscription is on us.” This will give the user a more personal feel also targeting your customer or previous clients with latest offers, deals on your products and a special discount,”Hey, Mr. Rajiv as a token of gratitude here’s a 40% OFF. On your next purchase.”


Identify the best day, time to send the newsletters

Timing is necessary. You can’t flick a bouncer delivery, you have to pull it. There are different times defined for newsletters. You can’t send a newsletter midnight or early in the morning. Office-Hours, Mid-day or commuting times are best to shoot newsletters. They surely drive clicks. Try it and thank us later.

Track it with Google Analytics and other tools

There are various platforms through which you can track the metrics and stats of your email. If it’s Opened, Reach, Clicks, Bounced, Delivered, Un-subscribes, Referrals, Marked as Spam etc. Mail Chimp, Google Analytics, Zoho Mails are the foremost used tools to examine the rate of your newsletters.


Proper landing page

No newsletter is complete without a more appealing landing page. The landing page should be responsive, quick to open and should be compatible to all devices. The landing page should also have a CTA (Call to Actions), Live Chat Options and details of the products & services in a brief as compared to the newsletters.


Cross check the newsletter on all devices:

The newsletter should be;

  • Visually appealing,

  • Highly creative with fewer words and more colors,

  • Moving images are an add-on but keep in mind that it also slows the opening of the newsletter,

  • The newsletter should be able to open on Desktops, Mobile & Tablets.


Test your newsletter before shooting

Testing is a very important aspect and not only in the newsletter but for every product you produce. Testing gives you real-time understanding of;

  • How your newsletter will look when you receive it?

  • How much time will the server take to shoot the newsletter?

  • How are the CTA’s working?

  • Does the Newsletter linking the user to the proper landing page?

  • Is subscribing/unsubscribing to the newsletter easy for the user?


And various other technical questions.

Newsletters are an age-old and important part of marketing strategy for any company. When approached correctly it can really bring in sales, inquiries, leads and will give your company a considerable amount of growth. Your newsletter allows you to communicate with your followers and potential customers on your terms consistently.

Here’s wishing for your success.


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